Meet Brooks Home Renovations

Brooks Home Renovations was founded in 2006 with the vision to provide Quality services that, by reputation alone, would set us apart from the competition. BHR is Family Owned and operated right in Eau Claire, WI. Since BHR opened its doors, we’ve treated every customer as part of the Family. Other Companies may offer similar services but, we focus on the wants and needs of our customers. We can make your dreams a reality!

Our commitment to our Employees

BHR’s founding principles have always been based around the family dynamic. Our Core Values of: Integrity, Honesty, Commitment to family, ring true in every project that we do. We believe a healthy work life balance will ensure that our employees are producing a quality product for our customers. We work hard to provide living wages and structure our benefits so that we can sustain an engaged, quality workforce.

Our commitment to the American Dream

The American dream can be described in a variety of ways; for us it means paying a living wage and providing a healthy work environment for our employees to grow and become contributing members to society. We focus not only on building the next project but also on helping the community grow through various charity projects and contributions. We are thankful for all this community has provided to us and we will take every opportunity to give back.