Our Process & Our Promise

There are a few things that make a successful remodel: Communication, Transparency, and Honesty.

At BHR we not only want you to have the best possible remodeling experience, but we also want it to feel effortless. The way we achieve this is through constant communication during the process.

We communicate through a portal set up for the customer during the planning phases of construction. This portal allows the customer to see our schedules make material selections, have questions answered, see the ongoing costs and payments that have been credited to the account, and even make a payment online through a secure system. This portal is the heart of our customer commitment, it documents all communications between the customer and BHR Staff.

Our process starts with a phone call and a meeting with one of our estimators. We set up a time to meet at your home and listen to the entire scope of work. Then based on that scope of work we build a line itemed estimate describing what we intend to do.

Once a customer has decided to move forward with a project, we ask for a small deposit that we use to complete all the design, bidding, and selections phase of the project.

Once the customer has chosen the materials they will use and we have bids from subcontractors based on the scope of work, we then submit a final contract. The final contract contains the actual cost of the project from start to finish including all the items the customer has asked us to include.

After the final contract is signed, the price of the project is locked in. The only way the price could change is if the customer changes the scope of work or an unforeseen item is discovered during construction. If this does happen we submit a change order to ensure the customer understands the cost of the change and work is not completed until the customer signs.

During construction a foreman is assigned to the project and a project manager is also involved. The project manager ensures that the project stays on schedule and on budget. The foreman is the customer’s daily point of contact and manages the workflow of the jobsite.

Once the project is complete, we have a final walkthrough with the customer and ensure that all work described in the contract has been completed and is satisfactory. After the walkthrough we have a meeting to discuss how the project went and what we could improve going forward.