6 Things to Consider Ahead of Your Kitchen Renovation

With all of the time spent in the kitchen, don’t you want your space to work for you?  A kitchen renovation is certainly an investment, but done right, and with some thorough preparation and working with a reputable contractor, it can increase the overall value of your home.  These tips will help you save time and money over the long run.  

Start with a Budget

What features are most important to you?  More cabinet space, a kitchen island with electrical outlets, and a pantry are some of the most implemented features in today’s updated kitchens.  Once you’ve compiled a list from top priority to bottom…you can allocate your budget accordingly.    

Consider Lighting Style and Functionality

Often overlooked, the type of lighting selected will have a large impact on how functional your kitchen will be.  “Layering” your lighting will help to maximize each area of the kitchen.  Here are some examples:

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting brings diffused brightness to the entire room and makes the home feel warmer.  Kitchen ceiling lights or chandeliers over the table can achieve this effect.  

Task Lighting

In the areas of the kitchen where you are doing the cooking, eating and washing dishes; task lighting is a direct light that helps you better accomplish those activities.  This might include a chandelier over the island, pendant lights over the kitchen table or a wall light next to the sink.

Plan out Storage Areas

Storage is a must, and a remodel is the time to ensure you have ample space for appliances and cookware.  It’s wise to also take into account any items you may want to stow away in a drawer or cabinet, like pots and pans.  

Strategize Your Appliance Locations

Is your refrigerator or dishwasher in a spot that is blocking the main walkway of the kitchen?  Consider how you move throughout the space and place appliances where they are most convenient.  A remodel is the time to mix it up!

Don’t Base Your Remodel on Current Trends

Trends will come and go, and a timeless kitchen is the best route to take. Avoid finishes that are popular in the moment but don’t truly match your style or the overall look you want to see for many years to come.

Prepare a Separate “Interim” Kitchen in Another Room

When thinking ahead to the project starting, it’s a good idea to move essential appliances, dishes, utensils and perhaps a hotplate to a room close by for convenience.  Your kitchen will be out of commission for a while and staying in a hotel and eating out for every meal is not budget friendly.